A highly motivated Devops team member with great time management skills looking to leverage 13 years of experience to help a company efficiently operate in a private or public cloud at scale.


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    Manager of Software Engineering

     —    5 months

    Lead a team of Software Engineers through milestones and transitions while maintaining a high level of work throughput and quality.

    • Worked with product owners and architects to define product requirements and organize priorities
    • Communicated with the Engineering team to ensure the priorities were properly organized and work was completed
    • Worked with the executive leadership to properly set milestones and reported on our progress
    • Handled personnel transitions and promotions
    • Ran regular one on one meetings with the team members
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    Software Engineer - Devops

     —    3 years

    Built tooling, infrastructure, and the code base from scratch focusing on efficient testing and updates while maintaining a secure environment.

    • Build out the infrastructure footprint using Terraform, Python, and scripting to allow for quick deployment, testing, destruction, and updates
    • Design, Built, and Maintained Akiri's Disaster Recovery Process
    • Lead Akiri's AWS Security Posture
    • Developed internal tools that developers use to build, test, and deploy code
    • Used AWS services when needed to support our deployments. eg: ECS, Lambda, SQS, SSM, Secrets manager, KMS, etc
    • Ensured our supporting infrastructure was up to date and available
    • Added Slack bots to provide environment updates
    • Supported our Staging and Production environments
    • Managed our build infrastructure including Jenkins and github
    • Built Jenkins pipelines to allow for automated PR tests and code-deploys to different environments
    • Lead the Akiri HIPAA posture and ensured we were compliant
    • Participated in feature design and security reviews
    • Built tooling to build our gold AMIs and deployed them for testing nightly via Jenkins jobs
    • Ran multiple Kubernetes clusters on EC2 nodes and managed upgrading and testing new versions
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    Senior Cloud Solutions Architect/Platform Analyst

     —    2 years

    Lead the first combined Development/Operations squad responsible for the creation and release of Skillsoft's latest product offering.

    • Planning, designing, implementing, and supporting an Openshift based containerized microservice SaaS hosted in a hybrid cloud (In our datacenter and AWS) running on RedHat
    • Maintained a container platform that is highly available and easily scalable, maintained, and upgraded while remaining online
    • Document and diagram environment deployments and communication flow
    • Write, maintain, and support Ansible playbooks to ensure standardized configuration and deployment
    • Manage agile software deployments with Ansible and Ansible Tower
    • Write and support Terraform scripts to manage our public cloud and CDN deployments
    • Maintain our GitLab installation and ensure our infrastructure as code and other scripts are version controlled
    • Experience with Akamai, Fastly, and custom-built content delivery networks
    • Ran training sessions for other people in Operations on containers, Kubernetes, Openshift, and other aspects of a micro-service deployment
    • Set up monitoring and log collection via Splunk, New Relic, CloudForms, Sentry, and more
    • Experience in running Elasticsearch, Kafka, FluentD, Cassandra, Redis, RabbitMQ and more both on and off platform in a production environment
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    Hosting Application Engineer

     —    4 years

    Primarily responsible for the availability of our Content Delivery Network and our Platform.

    • Worked primarily with our CDNs both custom-built in private and public clouds along with purchased CDN services
    • Deployed software patches to our legacy product via a manual process
    • Took steps to automate much of the manual patching process
    • Handled the weekly content release process for new content
    • Developed a set of scripts to automate a lot of the work
    • Experience with Attunity data replication products for large enterprise data replication and file moves
    • Worked a 24/7 on-call rotation and was an escalation point for after-hours outages
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    Hosting Support Specialist

     —    4 years

    Front line Operations support.

    • Primarily responsible for ticket escalations from our technical support contact center
    • Provisioned customer’s online portals and customized them for the specific company
    • Troubleshot issues and fixed them as needed which including writing SQL scripts, gathering performance metrics, and making OS resource adjustments as needed
    • Monitored and resolved outages during normal working hours


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    Network Design and AdministrationDiploma

     —    2 years

    New Brunswick Community College



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    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Openshift
    • Vault
    • Packer
    • Various AWS services
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    • Python
    • Bash
    • SQL
    • Terraform
    • AWS-CLI
    • AWS-SDK (for Python)
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    Developer Tools

    • Git
    • VSCode
    • JIRA
    • Trello
    • Slack
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    • Gradle
    • Maven
    • Jenkins
    • Ansible
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    Cloud Platforms

    • AWS
    • Azure
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    Operating Systems

    • Linux
    • MacOS
    • Windows